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Introduction of Earthrise Association



Earthrise Cultural and Environmental Association was founded in 2003 by some enthusiastic young people in Kisvárda. Our objective is to do our best in order to preserve the liveable parts of our world and to restore its parts which are not liveable. We achieve our goals through concrete projects, programs, awareness rising and education.


Datas and activities of Earthrise Cultural and Environmental Association

President: Péter Gergő Juhász

Headquarter: Toldi Miklós utca 29., 4600 Kisvárda, Hungary

Year of foundation: 2003

Tax number: 18816154-1-15

Date of registration at the Registry Court: June 30 2003

Number of resolution of the registration: Pk. 60.081/2003/4.

Number of registration: 2232

Activities of the association are in Hungary and in international level.

The Association is a legal personality.


The objective of the Association according to the articles:

Promotion of sustainable development, protection of diverse cultures, promotion of healthy lifestyle for every social class in order to create a liveable and more unified world.”


Activities of the Association:

- other public and social activity,

- scientific activity, research,

- education, capacity development, information,

- cultural activity,

- protection of environment,

- advocacy for children and young people,

- promotion of equal opportunity for disadvantaged social groups,

- activities which are related to national and ethnic minorities in Hungary and transborder,

- strengthtening of the euro-atlantic integration


Implemented and planned projects:


Environmental programmes in the past:

- waste collection:

- around the lake next to the Castle of Kisvárda (2003),

- removal of waste from the lake next to the Castle (2003),

- placement of a board reminding at the trail of the lake next to the Castle (2003),

- removal of graffitis from public places, monuments (2003),

- New Year’Eve Party with a recruitment of new members for the Association – at the Civil Protection base of Kisvárda (2003),

- collection of waste at the illegal dumps around the city (grasslands at the national road 4, reeds behind the Castle of Kisvárda, walks between Ajak and Kisvárda etc) (2004)

- Observation programs:

- observing the otters on the upper Tisza at Komoró (2004).


Implemented and ongoing humanitarian projectsk

- participation in long-term volunteering programs in developing countries (Malawi, Zambia, Namibia, Mozambique) (2005 – 2006 – 2007),

- presentations about the volunteerism in Secondary Schools and Universities (continously from 2007),

- social education: presentations about the experiences from the third world (continously from 2007),

- a comprehesive lecture about the civil war of Eastern Congo in 2008 in the High School Bessenyei György (lecturers: Péter Gergő Juhász, president of the Association and Vujity Tvrtko (2008)).


Cooperation agreements, participation in implementation of winner tenders

- cooperation agreement with the local government of Komoro village for the implementation of sewage-water investment project (2008),

- participation in the aid programme ’Children of the war’ for the Congolese displaced people (2008),

- cooperation with the education center of AHU – secondary education for African agricultural experts in Hungary (curriculum is written by Szilvia Veress agriculture-engineer-teacher – member of the Association)(2008),

- organization of an event for environment education in the Kindergarten of Székely village (2010),

- organization of an event for environment education in the Primary School Petőfi Sándor, Komoró village(2010),

- participation in the project „Let’s compost Kisvárda!”: information about the practice of composting for the public (lecturer: Szilvia Veress agricultural-engineer-teacher, member of the Association) (2010),

- cooperation agreement with an international organization in „Youth in Action” programme for the promotion of volunteerism (2011).

- cooperation agreement with the local government of Ajak village for implementation of sewage-water investment project (2011),

- cooperation agreement with the civil organization Youth Association for Kisvárda (FIKISZ) for the building of a bycicle-storage (responsible for the environmental education: : Szilvia Veress agricultural-engineer-teacher, member of the Association) (2011),

- declaration of support for the local government of Kisvárda town for the construction of a bikeway (2011),

- cooperation agreement with the Association for Saving the Monuments of Mándok Village for the implementation of tenders for protection of monuments (2011),

- participation and tendering in the preparation plans of the bikeway between Ajak and Kisvárda (2013-2014),

- organization and implementation of a municipal event related to the Carfree Day (2014)






Our permanent programmes:


- mapping of the natural values of Kisvárda and its environs, creation of a publication,

- starting an environmental education and tradition protecting serie of programme for the youth of Kisvárda and its environs (creation of a ’school’ – under preparation),

- promotion of volunteerism, encouraging local youth in participation in volunteer programs,

- organization and implementation of programmes for the promotion of healthy lifestlye, creation of a gym-club or a dancegroup (under preparation).

- rising awareness, environment education through the media: the Association’s own one hour long radioprogramme on a weekly basis – local and global problems from environmental, healthcare, cultural point of view,

- working together with the local government of Kisvárda for the biodiversity reconstruction and community-based conservation of the neighbourhood of Kisvárda Castle

- working together with the local government of Mándok for mapping of the local natural and cultural values and for creation of the feasibility study

- International network-building for the civil communication and promotion of cooperation




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